Panache Pedigree

Sire:  Cherdon’s You Blow My Mind

Dam:   CH. Ramzee’s Dahlia Of Mazinblue

Diversity Testing:

Extended DLA Haplotype 1: 1005 / 2003
Extended DLA Haplotype 2: 1016 / 2001
Outlier Index (OI): 0.20
Average Genetic Relatedness (AGR): -0.06
Internal Relatedness (IR): 0.28
Homozygosity by Loci (HL): 0.48


Wisdom Panel Prcd rod4 Test

db Test   

DM Test.  Panache’s call name was Freddie when born and this test was done by the breeder before I purchased him


El Silencio’s Panache N’Co. Cherdon’s You Blow My Mind My Pride Pierre Of Dyers  
My Pride Blossom  
CH. Ramzee’s Dahlia Of Mazinblue Forever Deeohgee CA D’ramzees  
Casa De Ramzees Loopy Lupita