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Test Performed:Rod Cone Dysplasia 4
Call Name:El Silencio's Panache N'Co
Breed:Poodle - Standard
Test Completed:2/16/2021
Sample Id:6261143
Owner:Manuela Klecz
Registration ID:
Microchip #:


Rebecca Chodroff Foran, PHD


Report Date

Rod Cone Dysplasia 4 is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner meaning that two copies of the mutation are needed for clinical signs of the condition to develop.

The results of El Silencio's Panache N'Co’s Rod Cone Dysplasia 4 test indicate that they are clear. This means that they should not develop clinical signs from this mutation.
When making breeding choices, El Silencio's Panache N'Co can be bred to any appropriate mate as they will not produce any puppies at risk of developing Rod Cone Dysplasia 4.

Please note: It is possible that disease signs similar to the ones associated with this risk variant could develop due to a different genetic or clinical cause.

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