What is a Parti Poodle?

 A Parti Poodle has solid-colored patches over a white coat. The coat will usually be white and colored in equal amounts, though it can vary with a larger percentage of white.

How long have you been showing Parti Poodles?

Michael & Pam are not new to the dog world after owning, breeding and handling different breeds through out the years to National Specilaty wins, and No. 1 positions in the breed.   After researching many breeds, Pam & Michael Litz decided on the Standard Poodle.  The couple discovered a breeder overseas and imported a handsome Parti boy, Quickstep Deleware, (aka Quicky).  At Quicky’s first show he was awarded Reserve Best In Show.  Pam has continued showing Quicky for the year 2018, ending up No.1 #, Multiple Best In Show winning, Grand Champion.

Are Poodles sociable?

Poodles are usually thought of as being very smart dogs, often described as loyal, active and trainable.  N’Co Parti Poodles are temperament tested and put in several different situations to see their response.  N’Co poodles have been known to bond quickly with new family members. 

Why adopt from N'Co?

N’Co. is a small breeder where all puppies are raised in Michael and Pam Litz’s home. Individual attention is given to every puppy from the day they are born.  By the time puppies are introduced to their new families, each will have been introduced to the clippers, blow dryer, and experienced a pedicure.  All puppies are “lead trained” and WELL on their way to becoming house broken.  ALL puppies receive an extensive health exam, their first set of vaccines and checked over thoroughly by the vet.

How can I adopt from N'Co?

N’Co puppy parents are screened through the Puppy Application form.  Please complete the form honestly and share with N’Co how you will welcome your new puppy into your family.  You will be contacted by Michael and Pam after they review your application.