Puppy Application

  • Application Questions

  • 1.) Poodles are a high maintenance breed. They are indoor dogs only, require frequent grooming and absolutely need daily interaction with their human family. Please tell me why you've decided a poodle puppy is the right choice for you and your family?
  • 2.) What activities are you interested in doing with your puppy?
  • 3.) Do you have a fenced yard and if not, how do you intend to potty and exercise your dog?
  • 4.) How many hours per day are you away from home? What is your plan for your dog while you are away?
  • 5.) NC'o. Parti Poodle puppies are sold by default as pets only (no breeding rights). If you are interested in full rights please describe here what your intentions and goals are and you will need to talk to me via phone as well.
  • 6.) Are you a breeder?
  • 6b.) If you are a breeder, please describe your experience, species, breed(s), goals, what health testing you do, and what activities you do with your breeding dogs or other animals.
  • 7.) Are you interested in a specific puppy in a current litter or putting a deposit down on a future litter? Please describe. (PLEASE NOTE: puppies are picked by order of deposit.)